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Tricksy Spider

Trickin' you since 2002

13 April 1988
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I jusr want to credit laurel_tx of pervy bath fame for my icon, which I have just ganked. Thankyou!

abstract art, angel/xander, angelus/xander, angry drabbles, angst, animorphs, aragorn/legolas, arcana, armand/lestat, australia, australian slash, aziraphale/crowley, bill/harry, boy meets boy, boys, briar/crane, briar/frostpine, briar/niko, buffy the vampire drabbles, buffy the vampire slayer, charlie/harry, chase/foreman, cleon/neal, collin, crane/briar, cyanide/mikhail, cyanide/skids, cyanide/tybalt, dane cook, dark jewels trilogy, depressed drabbles, drabbles, draco/harry, drarry, ethan/xander, firesong, fitz/fool, foxman, france, fred/george, fred/harry, french (the language), french poetry, friendly hostility, frostpine/briar, george carlin, george/harry, getting extreme, giles/xander, glorious revolutions, good omens, goth poetry, greek, greek mythology, harry potter, harry potter drabbles, harry potter/half blood prince, harry/bill, harry/charlie, harry/draco, harry/fred, harry/george, harry/lucius, harry/ron, harry/seamus, harry/severus, harry/voldemort, heralds of valdemar, hot french boys, hot ghosts, hot irish boys, house/chase, house/chase/wilson, house/wilson, icons, illicit miracles, inspiration, ireland, joren/neal, lavan, lestat/armand, lestat/marius, lightning, lord of the rings, lucius/harry, marco/ax, marco/jake, marco/tobias, marius/lestat, mediator, mercedes lackey, mighty mighty bosstones, modern french poetry, muses, my friends, my mates, nathan/stuart, neal/cleon, neal/joren, niko/briar, original slash, original stories, painting, perth, pippin/merry, poetry, queer as folk uk, questionable content, quotes, reading, reel big fish, ron/harry, sad drabbles, sawyer/charlie, schism, seamus/harry, severus/harry, sex, sexy drabbles, shaych, six feet under, skids/cyanide, slash, snarry, spike/xander, tamora pierce, tom, tristan/arthur, tristan/lancelot, twincest, tybalt/cyanide, valdemar fiction, valdemar slash, vampire chronicles, vampire chronicles drabbles, vetinari/vimes, vimes/vetinari, vimes/wolfgang, voldemort/harry, western australia, will turner/jack sparrow, wilson/chase, wintrow/brashen, wire in the blood, writing, xander/angel, xander/angelus, xander/ethan, xander/giles, xander/spike